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Illumination Blueminatti is a documentary on Indigo and Chrystal Children. Indigo children/Crystal Children are children who are claimed to possess special, unusual and/or supernatural traits or abilities. Anderson Cooper and a few others have touched on the subject of Indigo’s, but my approach and perspective is a little different from theirs. I personally believe Indigo Children/Crystal Children are the next step in human evolution. So be on the lookout for my 40 minute documentary…

Indigo children are here to change old paradigms. They believe, or intuitively know, that they have a special and higher purpose for being here. Most of them feel the need to make a considerable difference in the world. Indigo children are in the vanguard. They are here to set a completely new direction, 180 degrees opposite of the world’s current course. Their task is to challenge old ideas and break ancient habits that hold the world chained to its current darkness. A new and vital blueprint has imprinted the neural pathways in their brains. Because it is their place to begin freeing humanity from spiritual viruses that have passed from generation to generation for centuries, they are born free of them. Their sacred purpose is to leap over deep-rooted patterns without the need to rid themselves of old ideas and behaviors that no longer serve humankind. Indigos begin life with the fresh nature, intent, and commitment required for the coming dramatic and extraordinary change.

It is difficult to precisely date when these new generations began to appear. It seems that Indigo children started to show up somewhere in the years between 1978 and 1983. It was not until 1990 that Crystal children debuted.

Towards the end of 1990, Crystal Children began to appear. Coming to the world as models of a new way to live—these happy clairvoyants already reside in the higher frequency of light. They are the sensitive forerunners modeling the new thinkers destined to populate our globe. They are communicative, cooperative, direct, even-tempered, and naturally blissful. These children are the antithesis of war, greed, and the general darkness pervading humankind today. Their penetrating eyes seem to have the ability to hypnotize us as they show us how to believe the impossible — possible.
They are the world’s healers and peacemakers. Quiet, modest, and powerfully vulnerable, there seems to be a natural absence of false pride and ego. In its place, there is a genuine humility and a heartfelt understanding of their oneness with God. Those spending time around them find that they live in a noticeably magical aura where miracles are commonplace. Crystals are destined to show us that living life in a state of love and cooperation is more than possible — it actually works.