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This isn’t a portrait or a painting. It’s a photograph but still art. It symbolizes confidence and strength. I know the woman in the photograph makes what she’s doing look easy. That’s because to her it is. But at first it wasn’t. She had to endure pain day in and day out in order to strike that perfect pose so gracefully. But now she’s numb to the pain. She can strike that pose on command and I’m pretty sure she enjoys it, because to her that’s a degree of perfection. I am amazed at her skill. I don’t personally know any ballet dancers but now I have a new found respect for that dance form after seeing this photograph. I wrote a blog a few months back on Art but I forgot to mention that dance was also a form of art. So here is my way of saying I appreciate ballet. It’s not something I would do but I would watch it. (Source: whatstheenpointe)

And on the right is a painting by Tim Okamurame. I think it’s a great piece of art work. One  girl is whispering something into the ears of another girl . Notice how the girl who is whispering has a snake on her side. And the other girl has an owl on her side. The girl who is whispering may be trying to cause trouble. But I don’t think the girl who appears to be listening is really listening. Such a symbolic painting. The artist is indeed a master of his art.The environment, the animals, and the women are all perfect and overall sends a clear message of what was on the painters mind. To me its a still movie, that could be so entertaining as a scene in a motion picture.