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The questions weren’t directly answered by Justis James but by a representative of Back 2 The Fresh.

#Music Q&A from #Miami Q: Rick Ross is older than Justis James by 6 years. Does Justis James Have the experience to outweigh him lyrically? A: Even though Justis James is 6 years younger than Rick Ross he does have the experience. He’s been doing music since he was 12 years old. He wouldn’t batter Rick Ross. Justis James does “Hip Pop”

#Music Q&A #Miami Q: Whats is Justis James working on? And will there be any special features? A: Justis James is working on his 4th music project “STARZ” He’s working with some good producer on the project. Expected release date 4.1.12 (April Fools Day) And He may have some special features. He just can’t wait to perform again, that’s what he’s more concerned with.

#Music Q&A #Miami Q: They say someone tried to kill Justis James to prevent him from putting out more music. A: Justis James doesn’t know what It was. All he knows is while he was in the process of recording another mix tape by a well-known DJ , his music was erased from a studio. That same week he was hit by a hit and run, and he and his fiance broke up. Months before that he and his management departed after working with each other for years. So that can be a bit much for one person. But it hasn’t impeded his creativity, he just has more thing.

#Film Q&A #Miami Q: What do you mean he doesn’t know what happened to that? A: He doesn’t know what happened with that film. All he knows is while he was recording a mixtape that got erased, he was told he was going to be in a movie. After being hit by the car in a suburbs he was living at for two years, getting his music erased, and he and his fiance breaking up that never happened. But he isn’t worried about that movie, other people in the business “Music and Hollywood” aren’t happy about that.

.#Music Q&A #Miami Q: What made Justis James move from Hip Hop to Hip Pop? A: The last mix tape Justis James put out was certified classic, it had many features on it, and it was hosted by a Top 40 DJ. So Justis James figured after that he would move his music into a more Pop direction. So he came up with “Hip Pop”. It says it at the top of Russel Simmons website “Global Grind”.

#Film Q&A #Miami Q: We thought Justis James was suppose to have had a special feature in a movie? A: Justis James thought he was supposed to be in that movie also. After all , it was Justis James who was helping out a friend. He doesn’t know what happened to that. He is use to working with film makers who keep their word. But he has been working with different directors and he’s also working on a film in between the music. You can’t play around on certain levels. It’s not accepted.

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