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The 1st time Abigaile Rulloda appeared on “Back 2 The Fresh” was as a PrimeTime Dime in December 2011



Justis James(Q): Whats up Bad Aby? How does it feel to be a Muay Tai Champion and a Model?

Abigaile Rulloda(A): It feels awesome. its a great feeling to have achieved a lot in both fields, they’re both blood sports.

Justis James(Q): How long have you been doing both and which came first?

Abigaile Rulloda(A): They actually started very close to each other. i started muay thai right when i got out of high school, and my first modeling gig came a long just months after. i did however stop modeling for a good 3 years after i got a taste of the shadiness of the industry. but then i jumped back in when i was 22, that’s also when i started to take muay thai more seriously and started competing. its weird because those two things really don’t work in harmony, i have to take a break from one to achieve anything in the other.

Justis James(Q): Who’s your favorite fashion designer and why?

Abigaile Rulloda(A): Honestly, i don’t have a favorite, i know that seems like a cop out answer, but as a fashion designer and a lover of indie art and design, i can appreciate flee market clothes by no name designers as much as high fashion couture. i’m one of those people that likes things based on my mood and theirs not one designer that can hold a stake in my style, so i guess the answer to this is, I’M my favorite designer.

Justis James(Q): What’s your fantasy?

Abigaile Rulloda(A): I want to fight crime, in sexy black heels and the newest fashion.

Justis James(Q): If you could do anything in the world without limitations what would it be?

Abigaile Rulloda(A):I would save humanity from corruption, greed and poverty… this includes animals too.


Abigaile Rulloda(Q): Whats the hardest thing about being a musician?

Justis James(A): The hardest thing about being a musician is keeping LOYAL people around. A lot of people don’t stand the test of time because of their lack of loyalty. Like right now this is the 1st time in my life that I mostly will be doing everything myself. From finding my own producers and booking my own shows. It’s hard because I was in a car accident and I got amnesia from it. Luckily i didn’t forget my business or musical skills or I would have been s*** out of luck.

 Abigaile Rulloda(Q):What advice would u give me about entering into the film industry as an actress?

Justis James(A): Just focus on film like you do modeling and kick boxing and you’ll succeed. Your a winner like me. Stay loyal and humble. And keep the lines of communication open.

Abigaile Rulloda(Q): Whats your favorite musician of all time?

Justis James(A): That shard lol because I have a lot but I would say Bob Marley. Jah Rastas

 Abigaile Rulloda(Q):How do u see film evolving in the next 10 years?

Justis James(A): Well it started with theatre and then theatre evolved into silent films. And from there silent films evolved in to motion pictures with sound. And from the new movies that’s been coming out now, I would say umm the movies will always tell you lol.

Abigaile Rulloda(Q):Whats the worst part of working in the film industry?

Justis James(A): The worst part of working in the film business is actually finding other people who believe. If you want to work in the film business you have to be prepared to be a minority regardless of your race. Belief is a small club.

Thank you for doing Q&A with me Aby I wish you the best of luck.