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BACK2THEFRESH (AP) While many people attended Etta James’s funeral yesterday (Saturday, Jan 28th 2012), Emmanuel Seuge (Coca-Cola’s head of music and entertainment marketing) and Spotify (A company from Sweden that launched in 2008 that offers streaming from “selected” music by independent and major record labels) including “Universal” were at MIDEM. It appears that Emmanuel Seuge loves the Spotify business model. He said, “If we want the brand to play a sustainable role, they need to raise the revenue the music industry is making. Otherwise the music industry is not interested in working with us,” Seuge said. “It’s important we create a return for the artist communities, for the players in the music industry. That’s a value-for-value partnership.

So yes Spotify and Coca Cola are partnering up (Fantastic Idea) the best idea I’ve heard since Universal thought about purchasing EMI for $1.4Billion.

But a Company like Coca Cola has been around for over 100 years. It’s an excellent collaboration. Even Universal “The worlds largest Record Label” uses Spotify. So Coca Cola there you go again topping Pepsi. Spotify is relatively new so I’m sure they are overwhelmed with joy to have partnered with one of America’s greatest companies.

More and more music companies are branching out in order to maximize revenue during this turbulent time. But strategic business deals and associations will almost guarantee companies who make smart choices like Coca Cola and Spotify to remain recession proof.