BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Universal Records is the BIGGEST Record company in the world and Warner Music Group is the world’s only PUBLICLY TRADED MAJOR music company. So just imagine if these two came together as “UNIVERSAL WARNER”. If that did happen no one would be able to lead the pack better than Edgar Bronfman Jr. I say Edgar Bronfman Jr because after all, he did leave Universal for Warner. Just a thought. I mean if Emmanuel Seuge and the “Bank” of Coca Cola can partner up with Spotify, than any partnership can be formed to maximize profit.

Edgar Bronfman Jr recently stepped down as Warner Music Groups chairman. But the great news for Warner Music Group is that he will remain on the board. Edgar Bronfman JR had some interesting things to say on his last day as chairman. You’ve already read how Universal has thrown their black dobb in the ring to purchase EMI. But now more resistance comes into the picture from Warner. They are going to fight Universal “Tooth and nail”  Watch Edgar Bronfman Jr’s: exit interview

“Even though technology maybe moving forward, people tend to quickly overestimate the short-term effects of change and underestimate the long-term effects of change” – Edgar Bronfman Jr.

All songs are not created equal…