This is one of the super producers I’ll be working on my project STARZ with. Very talented and has perfected his craft.

Justis James (Q) Whats up J.Cutless? Hows everything buddy?JC (A) Can’t complain, another day is another opportunity you know?

Justis James (Q) You’ve done work for The Oprah Winfrey Network , Robert Deniro, Nike, Amy Winehouse, Kimora Lee Simmons, CBS,MTV, VH1 FOX, Young Jeezy, T.I, Jim Jones, and the list can go on and on. As a super producer , who do you feel as though is better  to work with Artist or TV networks? And if artist which genre do you prefer?

JC (A) To be honest I love Television and film work, that’s where I got my start…Re-runs always are there so it’s not like producing a song that’s hot on the radio for 3 weeks then you never hear it again. Another key factor for me is that Television production companies can be alot more responsible as far as making sure the right party gets paid with-out a huge run-around to get royalties for your work. Also I prefer to work a certain way and with scoring and TV placements it allows me the freedom to do things a certain way, and I’ve gotten used to it.

Justis James (Q) I’m going to enjoy working with you and I love what I heard. Is their anything you haven’t done musically that you still want to accomplish?

JC (A) I want to work more with bands and fusing hybrid styles together like rock/rap, rock/rap/pop etc. I think the listener has changed and has more diverse taste in music than in the past because of digital media and on-demand access of music.

Justis James (Q) How often do you make beats and how long does it take to make 1?

JC (A) I make beats daily…I may skip days and handle administrative things (and business) but I try to work on my craft everyday. Some days I simply have research/sample days where I find new sounds or dig through records and samples as well as study mixing techniques.

Justis James (Q) Whats the first thing that comes to mind when I say Rihanna or Nicki?

JC (A)  Rihanna’s work ethic is relentless and admirable. Both are  talented in their own right and I think they both represent the new era of “Superstars”. Nikki is definitely doing big things and has become a pop diva and household name while maintaining hip-hop presence which wasn’t always possible with a female rap artist. I think she is the first female rap artist put in the same sentence with Britney, Christina and even Gaga at this point. Great strides for urban music.

Thank you for doing Q&A with me J. Great insight on the industry from a music producers point of view! Great things ahead.