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Joseph Nasto is a good friend of mines. He’s done work for Rock-A-Fella Records,  The Speed Channel, and many more.

Justis James (Q) Whats going on Joe? What do you think of the films that have been coming out this year so far?

Joseph Nasto (A) Hey, I’m doing good. What do I think of the recent films that have been coming out? I’ve been pretty disappointed with what’s been hitting the theaters for quite some time now. It’s either a sequel or prequel that shouldn’t be made, gimmick 3D films or mediocre movies I could care less about. I can’t even remember the last movie I was super excited to see. There’s just some movies that must be seen in a theater. I can’t even remember the last one that I said to myself, “Now this I can’t wait to see in a theater!” I think the only movie this year coming out that I’m really excited to see is The Dark Knight Rises. Other than that…if I miss it in the theater, oh well. I’ll catch it on iTunes or Netfilx or something.

Justis James (Q) If you could work with any other director in Hollywood who would it be and why?

Joseph Nasto (A) My top 3 directors I would love to work with have to be Christopher Nolan, David Fincher and Michael Bay. Nolan has yet to make a bad film. His vision is precise and I love how he tells stories. Fincher is another solid director that knows exactly what he wants. It would be a treat to work with someone of that caliber. Bay…I’d want to work with him for two reasons. One is, even though he can’t tell a decent story his visuals are amazing. Being a DP, of course I’d want to work on a great film all around, but really I’m all about the visuals. He shoots fast, knows what he wants, and does great in-camera and post VFXs that ties everything together. The second reason I’d want to work with Bay…he’s been doing all of the latest Victoria Secret commercials. That’s all visual right there!

Justis James (Q) There are only 11 films in history to ever make 1 billion dollars at the box office globally. Three of those films came from last year, and George Lucas’s Star Wars First Chapter just stepped into the club this year. Do you think last years three can be matched?

Joseph Nasto (A) Yes. With the right directors releasing their films at the right time it can happen again. Will be few and far between but can definitely happen again.

Justis James (Q) You’ve done music videos and movies. If you could only do one for the rest of your life which  would it be?

Joseph Nasto (A) I’d want to do movies. In our society they mean more and can resonant with people for their entire life. One of the reasons I wanted to become a filmmaker was from watching Star Wars as a kid. To tell a story that could have such an impact on someone, to me, is utterly amazing. I’ve always said before that if I wasn’t shooting a movie then I’d definitely want to be shooting music videos. They are short, fun, and are all showcasing whatever song in a cool and interesting visual style.

Justis James (Q) What kind of camera do you think is best to use when filming a motion picture. I know there are many but what do you think produces the highest quality?

Joseph Nasto (A) This is actually kinda tough to answer. In a way, it shouldn’t matter what you shoot on. A camera is a tool used to visually tell a story. Just like it shouldn’t matter what editing software you used to put it all together. They are only tools. For people that are just starting out, I’d say get whatever camera you can and start filming. A buddy of mine did an entire movie on the iPhone 4. For what I saw it looked decent. If you have a little bit of money a DSLR would be great. You can play with different lenses and have more manual control that can really give you some pretty great cinematic shots. If you have a boatload of money and are constantly filming stuff then I’d say a RED Epic or the Alexa. They are the two top digital cameras you can buy that won’t be out of date in 6 to 12 months. What I like to tell people is this…if you HAVE TO BUY then get something mid-range like a Canon 5D. More than likely if you are working on a high-end project and want to shoot on a high-end camera then more than likely there will be a budget in place to rent the gear. Don’t buy unless you have to. Digital is such a disposable medium.

Thanks for doing Q&A with me CINEMA JOE. Your expertise is always  appreciated. You really know how to explain the other side of filming that’s rarely witnessed by the viewers. Great perspective and more power to you.