Dancin’ on’m like rain on top of cars

My name all in her mouth like a tylenol

In the mall , drop the ball, hoes drop the draus

Niagra falls , freeze the bezzle thats a audemars

Might jack the city, thats the carter , fall on all of yall

They want the autograph too so you can call the law

Money grow on trees I climb the trunk and rip the dollaz off

They be goin against royalty and then they power fall

You axle fowly you you you , nevemind power ball

She high as a kite kind of cloudy , sour smog

Fist quarter , 2nd quarter , ya hour off

Third quarter , 4th quarter , turn ya power off

A new kind of player sittin in the sky box seat

A new type of game being played , you at ya top peak?

Call up Switzerland, its all about the Benjamins

You fucked up the 1st time well, so begin again

Justis James™ Did It

© Copyright 2012