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Aye Floyd, Mayweather, pretty boy champ again
We just tryna live bunch of models like manicans
Steel sharpen steel… swag light swag
And while you in that Vegas cell remember you a dad
And remember that ya girl at home remember she gone hold you down
Remember you the world champ, remember Jus’ told you now
Yeah… Yeah… 5 oclock shadow box
Then back 2 the money makin all these haters mad alot
Talkin shit on HBO grip it like a padded lock
Money green kicks on, money green cabbage drop
Who bettin? You bettin, I’m bettin, we bettin
Gave birth to these ****** had a couple sea sections
Yeah… Yeah… 5 oclock shadow box
Put them ****** on the mat **** talkers brag alot
Everything I spit fire, somethin like tan hot
Excalibershine, Back2TheFresh, Camelot

Justis James™ Did It

© Copyright 2012