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Vanna B is a talented Author from Philly who has a Bachelors in journalism and  has a book out called “Fancy”

Justis James (Q) Hi, how are you Vanna? Where are you from and what made you want to be an author?

Vanna B. (A) I’m great! I was born and raised in Philly. I’ve always wanted to be an author because I love communicating through writing. I love creating emotion-evoking stories with characters and plots people can enjoy, relate to and learn from.

Justis James (Q) Tell me about your book and what have you been doing to get the word out about it?

Vanna B. (A) Fancy is about a young woman who seems to have it all: looks, wealth and popularity. Her life seems perfect but there is much more going on beneath the surface than initially meets the eye. She experiences a lot of turmoil throughout the story that helps her realize what’s really important. I’ve been promoting through print and radio interviews and, of course, internet and social media marketing. Fancy ads are currently running on various websites including  VibeVixen.com, ClutchMagazine.com, FearlessMag.com and several others. And of course the face-to-face aspect of marketing and promotions can never be replaced, so word-of-mouth, book signings, book fairs and other appearances have been integral in the book’s success.

Justis James (Q) How long did it take you to complete it and what was your inspiration?

Vanna B. (A) It took about a year for me to write and the story is inspired by life. We all know people who try to be something they’re not and who go through life pretending and putting on a show for others. People easily get caught up in the media and peer pressure; they let that have an influence over them. I knew readers would be able relate to this.

Justis James (Q) What do you think is better to be. A great author, or a best-selling author and why?

Vanna B. (A) I do consider myself a great author and of course every author dreams of being a best-seller. But if I could only choose one I don’t think it would be any good to be a best-selling author if you weren’t also a great author (although I don’t doubt that it has happened.)

Justis James (Q) Are you planning on making a sequel to “Fancy”?

Vanna B. (A) Yes, the sequel is in the works now. It will continue in the same vein as Fancy with new twists, turns and surprises, and readers will not be disappointed!

Justis James (Q) Why did you decide to self-publish?

Vanna B. (A) Deciding whether to self-publish or go the traditional route was a tough decision for me and I debated over it for a long time before finally making up my mind. I weighed the pros and cons and figured that since I would like to retain control over my project and am no stranger to hard work that self-publishing would be the ideal route for me and ultimately I think I made the right choice.

Justis James (Q) Where can people buy the book?

Vanna B. (A) Fancy is currently available on my website and I’m currently running a promotion where each purchase made via my website vannabonline.com through July 13th earns the buyer an entry into a drawing to win a Kindle Touch. Fancy is also available on Amazon and for all ebook readers. The trailer, synopsis and a free excerpt of the book can be viewed at my link above and please follow me on Twitter at @MsVannaB. Thank you!


Vanna B. (Q) Who is Justis? What are some projects you have worked on in the past?

Justis James (A) J.James is an Recording Artist, Actor, Songwriter, and many other things. I’ve worked on albums, mixtapes, performances etc. Here is my bio

Vanna B. (Q) How long have you been into music and film? What lead you down these career paths?

Justis James (A) I’ve been into music and film forever. And since you can’t say music without saying film and vice versa I decided to do both. I do “Hip Pop” but I write “all” genres of music. Music and film actually chose me to do them and I’m good at both so I figured I’d just go with it lol.

Vanna B. (Q) Who are some musicians and film-makers you admire and why?

Justis James (A) I don’t think I’ve ever admired a musician but I can say that I liked a musicians style. I listen to all kinds of music so the list can go on and on from Bob Marley to Joe Cocker to Beyonce to Britney to Alicia Keys to Madonna to Creed to Justin Bieber to Michael Jackson to Queen to Usher all of the way down to producers because instrumentals are just as important as the musicians themselves. I can say that I may admire film makers. To name a few just off top Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, George Lucas,Spike Lee, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie,Will Smith. That list can go on and on just like the musicians but #ItsAllAMovie babe. I chose those people because each one of them has a different style and approach, and they all stand the test of time and all display “PASSION”.

Vanna B. (Q) What are some of your favorite films and why?

Justis James (A) I “love” mythological, comedy, and adventure films. They are my favorite. So The Never Ending Story, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, and Pirates Of The Caribbean are up my alley. I’ll watch other films but they pretty much define what I’ll watch. But overall #TeamDisney

Vanna B. (Q) How would you describe your music style and what sets you apart from the rest?

Justis James (A) I am music, I’m a trendsetter. I write all genres so I can come up with different trends one after the other. It’s in me. I don’t really focus on the rest but I respect it because it’s all music.

Vanna B. (Q) How would you describe your style of film-making and what sets you apart from the rest?

Justis James (A) Creative and for the most part people friendly. Most of the time It’ll be something for the whole family to watch. I personally would never write a horror movie. I could but that’s not my style. The only thing that sets me apart from the rest in film is my “vision”.

Vanna B. (Q) What projects are you currently working on? What can we expect from you in the future?

Justis James (A) I’m currently working on an album Starz and my first documentary Illumination Blueminatti. And working on these two have been a movie within itself considering the circumstances lol. But I’m working on them. And you can expect alot more. The creativity never stops.

Thank you for doing Q&A with me Vanna. It was a pleasure.