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Bottles on deck hoe, fallin outta open benz
He cant hear you now bitch , he talkin bout them cocokims
I said I’m top 5 alive best flow of all time
Jus warmin up ExcaliBershine bring the gunz to yall prime
They so pretend, I been cultured and
I’m on my Marky Mark shit, where ya focused lense?
I go bar for bar every flow every line
I spit hoe shit to hoes and dime shit to every dime
Lift weight, stretch it out 1st rules of the gym
But I’m so calisthenics wit it, I aint loosin 2 them
Fuck the pens and papers tho map it out in my mind
But really tho its all mapped out nigga read my palms
Sneakers and tims, speakin to them, that reaper so grim
Puffin on a dutch throwin back juice and gin
The rims spinnin but the speakaz a spin
Coz Im speakin so loud gotta put in new speakaz again
Alpine blastin , wood grain grippin
Got ya bitch runnin G like ya hood game different

Justis James™ Did It

© Copyright 2012