I got 99 prolems cos its still 99 to 1 .Thats four 9’s take it back to 1999 subtract 1 Matta fact bring back the 1 to 1999 make it 2000 son.

Heard I was in the BX with the 40 in my sweats

Far from a jet recordin music in the jects

Ziplock inside no bruises on the vest

Now its music in the makin made it on a movie set, but

Er’body acted funny on me they should of kept, up

I’m flyin on the ice with pucks , tryna make the next, cup

All I need in this world is a bitch and the next, blunt

A bad lil mami hit me on the text I sex, up

Niggaz don’t impress Jus, I sel-ect what I want, yup

Sleep when its time for me to sleep put the rest, up

Smash ya tomato, on the beef ketch,up

Crash ya records, on the beat next, up

Grammy nomination with potential platinum status

I gotta be the baddest these niggaz gettin madder

But they got anger management classes for all that happnin

All dat yappin lead to all dat clappin, JUS

Justis James™ Did It

© Copyright 2012