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BACK2THEFRESH – Many of you know that this year (2012) will be my first time

voting ever in my life. I think I supported Barack Obama in 2008 (amnesia).

I’m not too fond of politics but when I return from London I’ll be running for

President of what’s now The United States Of America (years from now)

. Currently a democracy is set in place where citizens vote on or shall we say

gamble on who’s to be their President. And it’s one huge wrestling match where

republicans and democrats go back and forth with debate, telling the people

what they’ll do for them once they’re in office. But since I, and many other

people truly believe that this is a new world, I think new ways of doing things

should be inserted into place. Nothing too drastic, but just enough to shift the

mind-state of the current conditions. Below is a mini manifesto that will evolve

into something greater. And please feel free to object to anything that doesn’t

entertain your mood.


E.S Mini Manifesto

1) People shouldn’t take the word of someone who isn’t allowed to vote over

someone who is allowed to vote. If their voting rights have been taken away,

why would you take their word over someone who is allowed to vote?

End confusion there.

2) Remove racism with dictatorship and not with Democracy.

It’s the only way to do it. This isn’t something that needs to be voted on.

That would be impossible. 

When it comes to situations like this an iron fist needs to be placed inside of a

velvet glove. No exceptions.

3) The citizens should workout regularly. Timing depends on their schedule.

I recommend 45min-1hour 3-5 days per week.

Working out brings confidence and encourages order in one’s life making it

easier to problem solve.

4) Planting trees and preserving nature should have actually been number 1.

Saving the earth has never been more important now than ever.

To put it simple “No nature, no humans”.

5) Entrepreneurship, teamwork, and trust should be promoted within the family

structure. Who knows when or if a country’s economy will slip into a depression

or a recession. Better to be safe than sorry.

6) New E.S Mini Manifesto (Rule):

If you live inside of the United States Of America, and you don’t vote for a

President. You’re considered to be less than a citizen.