They buyin’ teams my minds on a stadium.

I put ya team inside it sponsored by Mercedes shit.

I’m cool, I told’m high rule.

Besides, you make more money from the beverage and the food.

Leveragin’ the fools, they never been to school of hard knocks.

I’m better them dudes, represent and make them jaws drop.

Drause drop, candy paint drip. off. the hard top.

Jaws hop, up out the water, like its raw rock.

That a put a chain it, winter time frosty.

(whispers)–> I like my B******* bad and a lil bit bossy.

(whispers)–> I like my B******* bad like, “lames get off me!!!”

(whispers)–> I like my B******* bad like, “You aint talkin bout money, you lost me!!!”

Speak softly, they sleepin. on tv like, BARKLEY

N***** better wake up, Colombian coffee?

You aint gotta go to school, read the first 14.

I take the pain away somethin’ like morphine.

More feins, hooked on my music, make’m all sing.

Panamera porches split the road, bangin “It was all a dream”

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2012

“Stop Frontin On My Fresh”