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Yesterday I stepped inside of Ralph Lauren on 200 South Broad Street in Philadelphia Pa and I was extremely impressed. I was impressed not just by the world-famous clothing, but also by the customer service. Martin was very helpful and had full knowledge of everything about Ralph Lauren. Every question was answered confidently and the store itself was flawlessly neat. I LOVED the clothing I saw in the mens department. The suits, the ties, the slacks, vest, the shirts, the hats, and pretty much the entire atmosphere.

I asked Martin about suits the store had in stock and he showed me the best they had. He also said that they had their own in store tailor, but if I had wanted a custom-made suit by Ralph, it would take 6 weeks to get it. 6 weeks is the time it took the suit to arrive back from Italy. All of their custom-made suits get designed in Italy by the best. I told Martin that I loved the store so much that I’d even write about it on Back2TheFresh.

I also stepped upstairs to see what the women’s department looked like and that was as professional as the mens department. So ladies Ralph Lauren is definitely a store you should check out. I briefly spoke with Vanessa and she was willing and able to answer any and every question I had about women’s clothing. Very professional.

Ralph Lauren is having a sale October 25th at 200 South Broad Street, Philadelphia Pa 19102. Their telephone number is 215-985-2800. Expect anywhere in between 1 and 99% off. The associate didn’t have the exact number but It should be a good one. So if you manage to end up at that particular location of Ralph Lauren after reading this, tell them Back2TheFresh sent you.