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Last quarter I stepped inside of Armani Exchange in Philadelphia Pa and I wasn’t impressed after I left. I went in looking for something to wear and it wasn’t so much as the clothes that I didn’t like. It was some of the people who worked there. That was my 1st time ever at that Armani and I was expecting it to be like Armani on 717 5th Ave in New York (Different store w/o the Exchange). Not in size or the amount of different styles I could get but in hospitality.

For one, I asked the security guard about suits because I couldn’t find anyone to help me. And do you know what he did? He told me about this other store that he got his suit from. Which was too big for him by the way. (1) Why in the world would you be working in Armani Exchange telling me to go and shop at another store? (2) How come you weren’t wearing an Armani suit being as though you are the 1st person the customers see on the way in? If that was my store, the security guard at the front could have never worked for me. At the time that whole situation just shattered my image of Armani Exchange. I like Armani Exchange so I thought to myself, let me go and I’ll try back next quarter.

Last Thursday October 18th, I go back into that Armani Exchange in Philadelphia Pa and everything was different. The security guard was presentable this time and I think he “may” have had on an Armani Exchange suit and he had more hospitality. He was also able to break down the demographics of the costumers. He knew everything about the store, very professional. They had gotten this particular security guard from a company in New York. He added style to the store.

The security guard they had last quarter was older, sloppier, and didn’t have style. I’m not trying to degrade anyone or anything because that’s not what I do. I’m just a firm believer in reflection. The people who work for you should be a reflection of your company, if not that’s an appetite for destruction.

But I was pretty impressed this quarter. Even the customer service was good. The workers were able to answer all of my fashion questions about the Armani Exchange brand including the S/S 2013 collection that hadn’t arrived yet. I felt comfortable this time around so I’ll go again. 1429 Walnut Street Suite #300 Philadelphia Pa. 19102. Their telephone number is 215-563-5022.