A few months ago I had a grown man almost tear up because he heard about me getting hit by a car. I didn’t really understand how powerful music was until then. He knew me and was a fan of my music way before my accident. And he had talked about coming to my first album release party. I’m glad that he remembered it because I didn’t and I still don’t. He said that he couldn’t wait until I dropped new music and what could he expect. I told him that he could expect way better than before.

Most of the people who support me and my music are female so it caught me off guard a little. But I’m glad that I had atleast 1 male supporter who expressed concern with passion. It was a moving experience and it touched my heart because it came from the streets. I didn’t know how to initially react because I wasn’t use to  male supporters not being afraid to express how much my music effected him. In a world where everyone wants to do what you do and be who you are, that was eye-opening. I’m going to make music until I can’t and I’ll live forever through people like that. Great music doesn’t need the approval of other artist because the genuine fans are the ones who determine what they need and what they don’t without politics. I appreciate my fans and supporters.

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