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A month ago on September 30th I promised you guys a real ghost story. What I’m about to tell you isn’t fabricated or made up in any shape or form. The house I’m currently in is haunted by 4 ghost. The house has 3 levels to it.  I’m “extremely” sensitive to energy and I feel everything especially if it isn’t good energy. And me being a psychic just brings in a whole new experience for me directly.

Initially I just felt an overwhelming amount of energy at certain times at night. The times it comes around changes according to the quarter. In the spring it starts at about 6pm throughout the night until 6 am. And in autumn it starts at about 7am to 9pm. And the intensity of the energy varies according to where I am. The middle floor has the most energy and the lower level has the least amount of it. But it doesnt’ matter where I go in this house, I can’t hide from it. I had this conversation about whats been going on with Allison Baver (U.S Olympic Medalist) and last year she referred me to someone in Washington State by the name of Jane. Jane is special, she could feel the energy over the phone and the first time she was able to lift the pressure of the energy off of me. I don’t know exactly what she did but it worked. I was on the top floor when I spoke to her. That’s where the energy drops down on me at night from my head on down to my calves. But I thanked her for helping me out and the conversation ended.

The very next day I’m laying down on the bed in a room on the top floor and I’m awake and I hear this kids voice call me by a name. It felt like he was 5 inches away from me. He screamed it but it was as if he was a block away. From that point I immediately called Jane and she already knew it was a kid. We spoke about other things from that point on and I felt a little relieved because there was someone who understood finally. The next day I had spoken with a booking agent in Harlem and within 20 seconds on the phone he said that there was this energy all around me and he could feel it. I’ve never even spoken to him about what was going on  so when he said that, that just validated everything that was happening even more. But that was the first ghost I became aware of. He plays in and out of the room in the day time running back and forth. He’s harmless.

The 2nd ghost I became aware of is a woman probably in her late 40’s. I encountered her on the lower level trying to get away from the other energy on the other floors one night. The strange thing is that on the lower level of the house it’s more comfortable BUT she’s active down there. Talk about being tormented. And I always know when she’s around because she’s more aggressive (she attacks me but she likes me) and my cat will tell me. Whenever she comes around my cats hair stands up, her eyes get super wide, and she runs back and forth climbing up on the walls. She’ll do that because she’s scared, but then she’ll jump on my lap and hide, which calms her down. Now the animal is the 3rd validation. Animals are a great early warning system and they never lie.

The 3rd ghost is more of a protector. Every time the woman comes around he comes around. He’s maybe in his 50’s. He (sounds) military. Yes you read correctly I said (sounds). It’s like as if they are waring over me. He lifts me up and I don’t know exactly what she’s doing but he doesn’t like it.

The 4th ghost is a little girl and I’ve heard her run down the steps once and only once. Now out of all 4 ghost the woman and the man are the only two who seem to know each other.

Now because of what’s been happening over the last 2 years (post hit and run accident) I don’t drink, or ANYTHING in this house because I don’t trust it. There are other people who are in the house but for some apparent reason they aren’t aware of the ghost. My only question is how in the world is that possible when the cat, and two other people who have never stepped foot in this house are aware of it? I haven’t been in this area or particular house in years. But I have to stop writing about what’s going on because I knew that when I talked about it verbally the energy intensified, but now I know that when I write about it, it also does.

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