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Angela “Bella M. is an artist who has had her work in art galleries all over the U.S

Justis James (Q) Hi Angela “Bella M.” how are you and how long have you been an artist?

Angela “Bella M.” (A) Hello, I am well, thank you.
I have been given the gift of artistry by birthright. The majority of my family are artists, so I came by it honestly. I was drawing before I could speak. however, It was not until I delved into the “art scene” in 2005, that I went on to be recognized as an artist.

Justis James (Q) What do you mostly paint and what inspires you the most?

Angela “Bella M.” (A) I mostly paint people. People inspire me…their mysteriousness, joy, pain, defeats, victories…. I also paint wine… I love wine!

Justis James (Q) Have you ever had your work displayed in any galleries?

Angela “Bella M.” (A) In 2005, I was influenced by an admirer of my work and good friend to expose my talents. I contacted Skylite Gallery in Wa. and asked to show my work and within a few hours of showing what I had, they called me and asked if I would like to hold a 12 piece exhibit the upcoming month. From then on, my work has been displayed in galleries from Wa. state to NY and many states between.

Justis James (Q) As an artist what would you say is your best time of the year to paint and why?

Angela “Bella M.” (A) I never considered this. I am not sure a particular season compels me to be more artistic. Moreover, I would say it is my soul season (meaning, where I am most open to myself and to others) that I find my best time to paint.

Justis James (Q) If you could place yourself in a category with any artist in any time period, who would it be?

Angela “Bella M.” (A) Out of respect, I do not feel I can compare my work to another visual artist. Each artist speaks to their canvas from their soul. Saying this… Each artist is unique in their own right.

Justis James (Q) How would you define your style?

Angela “Bella M.” (A) I do not own a particular style. My work is quite diverse.

Justis James (Q) Does someone have to have a budget if they want a personal painting done by you, or is there a set price?

Angela “Bella M.” (A) I do not like to set prices (although there are times I must) I want everyone to have a piece of art they enjoy. I believe the worth of art is set by the admirer. I prefer the purchaser to pay what the painting is worth to them. When one who is not versed in the arts and its value, I will negotiate with a beginning price.

Justis James (Q) How can you be contacted if someone needed your services?

Angela “Bella M.” (A) I can be contacted by email @ purposedart@gmail.com

Justis James: Come up with one sentence using the “word” Back2TheFresh in it.

Angela “Bella M.” (A)Back2TheFresh has Bella’s vote.”

Thank you for doing Q&A with me Angela. I appreciate it and I wish you the best of luck. I know you’ve done alot of paintings but here are my favorite 3. 1 of course of me, Jim Morrison, and Bob Marley. #Priceless I love your work.

Justis James (Hand Painted in 2008)

Jim Morrison

Bob Marley