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Around the world people say that there is this huge gap between the wealthy and the non wealthy. In New York a movement called Occupy Wall Street was ignited and other places around the world caught on not too long afterwards. Its been the 99% against the 1% because 99% of the people claim that the majority of wealth has been controlled by only 1% of the people. My response to that is, popular opinion has limited truth no matter how many people may back it. If 1% of the people control the majority of the wealth, then the phrase strength is in numbers can’t be true. If these same parents who believe that 1% of the people control the majority of the wealth worldwide, then how can you allow your children to go to the same schools you went too? I bring up schools because that thinking had to come from somewhere. And you’re only passing that down to the next generation. So why don’t you plant a wealth seed early? Teach or have someone teach your children about wealth and money so that they won’t teach their children the same thing the people who taught you teach them? Because if you allow that to happen, they will become jaded, and their optimism will deteriorate. Even before they learn to spend money they should learn about money.

I love what Henry Kissinger said about how the Chinese built their relationships on trust and friendships as opposed to legal processes and predictable like the U.S does. The only thing legal processes and predictable norms does is create more problems instead of solutions when it comes to business. TRUST should be at the top right next to wealth education.


There have been different events that have taken place in the U.S that has made many people want to outlaw Assault Rifles. The event that took place in Columbine, Colorado about 12 years, Virginia Tech, the massacre that took place at a movie theater in Colorado 2012, and what recently has taken place in Connecticut (Sandy). I know many people are afraid because of what’s happening and they are fore outlawing assault rifles. And then there are people who are fore not outlawing assault rifles. I don’t personally think assault rifles should be outlawed. The only thing that will do is plant the seed for something a little bigger, like a civil war on U.S soil. I say let the people keep their guns because the 2nd amendment allows them too. With the controversy and tension behind President Barack Obama winning his second term in the U.S, I don’t think he needs anymore problems on his plate. Don’t for one second think that a civil war can’t happen because there is big money on both sides. So prevent it all together and let the people keep their guns.


Everyone gets a tan no matter their skin color. And race is only a term used by the human species. I for one think that’s completely wrong. I think humans should only be classified according to eye color and intelligence. Maybe then humans will begin to see the solid truth in nature.


With religion comes power. And power has the potential to breed corruption. God and religion are two completely separate things. And within religion humans take it upon themselves to break it down into different categories, denominations, and sects because of power. God is not a religion. That’s something else.

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