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Kristen James is a professional Celebrity Fitness Trainer who has been on many shows from Access Hollywood to CNN.

Justis James (Q) Hello Kristen? How’s your day going? Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Kristen James (A) Hey there! I’ve been in the fitness field for over 20 years. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Health & Wellness. I’m the owner of my company “Kristen James Fitness” which specializes in overall well being and self improvement both physical and emotional. I do a lot of on air contributing as a fitness expert for stations like CBS, Access Hollywood and Sirius Radio. I’ve recently released 4 amazing workouts (A total body workout, an upper body, a core and a workout I created called “50 Shapes”) for sale as digital download available on my website (kristenjamesfitness.com).  50 Shapes is inspired by the book 50 Shades of Grey and its a workout to get you in shape for the best sex of your life. It’s very sexy and anybody can, and should, do it! You can also download my CYCLEology ride right off iTunes if you’re looking for a cycling coach right on your own ear!

 Justis James (Q) Where are you from?

Kristen James (A) I live on Long Island, New York

 Justis James (Q) Could you tell us a little more about CYCLEology? What exactly is it?

Kristen James (A) CyCLEology is a high intensity interval training ride that takes you on the ultimate fitness journey on a bike. The great thing about it is you can take it anywhere there’s a stationary bike. Just download it into your iPod and get on and ride. I coach you thru sprints, hills, tabata intervals and strength training. It’s a must have especially if you train indoors or vacation and are looking for a quality workout!

 Justis James (Q) If someone wanted to get involved with CYCLEology how would they go about that? Where would they have to go in order to be instructed by you? Do you have a website?

Kristen James (A) They can download CYCLEology off of iTunes or they can take my CYCLology classes at Equinox. My website will also direct them to the download – kristenjamesfitness.com

 Justis James (Q) How many days per week do you instruct and how packed are your classes? 

Kristen James (A) I teach 6 days a week and rest one!! Classes fill up online in under 4 seconds. We have 55 bikes in one of the clubs I teach at which creates an atmosphere of insane energy!

 Justis James (Q) What magazines and tv shows have you been on? What sets you apart from other fitness instructors?

Kristen James (A) TV – Access Hollywood, CBS, The Katie Couric Show, The Couch, Headline News (CNN), The Joy Behar Show, and more. Magazines – Huffington Post, The Daily News, Marie Claire, Fitness, Beauty Bean, Parenting, NY Observer,Milieu, and more. What sets me apart – “Entertrainment” is what people call me. I have the ability to entertain people while they get in shape. It’s science plus passion plus knowledge equals “entertainment”.

 Justis James (Q) If you could train anyone in the world who would it be and why?

Kristen James (A) Bill Clinton. He’s one of the most respected, globally recognized, brilliant men in the world. He reaches all age groups and genders and is so influential. So getting him really fit would motivate and inspire so many other people to get fit too.

 Justis James (Q) Since your last name is James there are certain things that are required of you, and excellence is one of them. Is there anything else you would like to personally add?

Kristen James (A) I was raised to always give everything you do your best shot. Never settle for second best and the grass isn’t greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it. My Dad always said to me, do what you love and love what you do everyday.

 Justis James (Q) I’ve heard the way you speak in some of your training videos and it’s very seductive. Do you find yourself having more male clientele than women because of it?

Kristen James (A) Lol!! I think I’ve gotten more dates from my voice, not more male clients!

 Justis James (Q) Who has better abs you or Madonna?

Kristen James (A) I do because mine aren’t surgically enhanced, but she’s got better moves on the dance floor than me!!

Lol Thank you for doing Q&A with me Kristen. I know you’ll continue to do great things Ms.”Entertrainment”. One day I’ll have to try CyCLEology because I, am, sold! #Yes