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First they wanted my Change now they want my fresh too.
But the society say it a be a bad day, they wildin for who?
Bunch of flowers for you, and pockets full of poses.
Then the kids gon sing Ring around the rosey.
They sing that in the school yard to remind those playin.
Help a man catch a man, and freeze tag, damn!
So watch the games you play, me? I’d rather play house.
Tear her back out you know what I’m bout
@justinbieber on that Vanilla Ice, on my Marky Mark shi*.
@mark_wahlberg with the Funky Bunch, thats an Entourage shift
Take a trip, fast cars, catch my Tokyo drift?
Nascar, @DanicaPatrick, they aint never seen this
Boys drink @coke to be more dope, girls drink @pepsi to be more sexy.
Impress me, with trust, lets see the stuff, call Lexy, I’m up!
Hey you, yes miss, you witcha Foxy self.
I know they hatin on you, never mind them copy self, Jus’!

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2013