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Doreen Taylor is a professional Country Music Singer and will be performing at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia May 23rd.

Justis James (Q) Hi Doreen, how are you? Where are you from?What’s new for you?

Doreen Taylor (A) Fabulous! It is great to finally meet you and I thank you so much for interviewing me! I am based in both LA and New Jersey (near Philadelphia). I love living bicoastally and it opens up a lot of great opportunities I would otherwise miss. To be honest, everything is new!!!! The success of my album “Magic”, my music videos (especially “Judgment Day” which has been receiving airplay nationally and abroad), winning the 2012 “Suggested Artist of the Year Award” from the “Song of the Year” International Songwriting Competition, being on the cover of the #1 entertainment magazine in NYC “Steppin’ Out and the recent announcement of my summer 2013 “Magic” tour….life is good!!!

Justis James (Q) How long have you been a country music singer?

Doreen Taylor (A) That’s an odd question because there is no real time frame as to when someone starts to sing. I guess if you are asking me when did I crossover and become a recorded, professional country singer- that is a different answer. I have been singing all my life in some way or another. I have been a professional singer (and got my first paying gig when I was about 15) and I went on to undergrad and graduate school to eventually receive my masters in Opera. I toured around the country in various opera and theater companies and even was cast as Christine in the national touring company of “Phantom of the Opera”. I broke into mainstream by performing my signature one-woman show in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. At that point, I realized that I needed to write my own music professionally and my album “Magic” was born about 9 months later.

Justis James (Q) When you were growing up, who was that one person you looked at and said hey, I want to be just like them?

Doreen Taylor (A) Every little kid has someone in the mainstream industry that they want to emulate or look up to, but to be honest, I have always looked up to my parents. I can’t pick two people that more clearly personify the meaning of “role model” in my mind and I thank them each and every day that they were my parents and instilled in me my values, principles, work ethic…and just who I am.

Justis James (Q) Musically is there anything you would like to try that you haven’t already done?

Doreen Taylor (A) There are always new things out there that I haven’t done yet, that I would love to experience musically. For example, I am a huge EDM fan and love all the great DJs that keep emerging on the scene like Cazzette, Skrillex, Deadmau5 and David Guetta. I would love to have a feature and cut vocals on a top notch dance track/ crossover club song. Will that happen? I don’t know, but usually if I want something, I somehow, some way make it happen. So stay tuned….

Justis James (Q) To me you favor Britney Spears do you hear that alot?

Doreen Taylor (A) I do hear it, but not as often as I did a few years ago. When I first started out in the modeling and entertainment industry, even I had to admit that I saw a resemblance in my of the photographs that were being taken of me. I don’t know if I necessarily look that much like her in person, but yes- certain pictures, there is no doubt. I honestly don’t mind it (I’m actually used to it) since I think she is really pretty (especially in her younger days) and there are a lot more WORSE people I could be compared to!

Justis James (Q) What inspired this project? What was your motivation?

Doreen Taylor (A) Project? I assume you are speaking of my album “Magic”, correct? Music is not a hobby. It is not even a career. It is a calling. It is what I was put on this earth to do. That is my inspiration and that will ALWAYS be my motivation. There is nothing on this planet that makes me happier and there is nothing else I could ever imagine doing.

Justis James (Q) What’s next for Doreen Taylor? Any movies or anything like that?

Doreen Taylor (A) Right now music is my first and foremost love. All my energy is dedicated to my upcoming tour, writing new music and branching out to some even bigger and better things. I can’t go into detail as of yet, but I have recently agreed to a huge deal that will no doubt give me the possibility to open doors that I never even knew existed. Movies? I don’t know. I never say never and I have actually been seen in many theatrical shows on and off Broadway as well appear on various television networks. But right now, I am focusing on my music, my album “Magic”, my upcoming tour and the amazing new ventures that are presenting themselves to me every day!

Justis James (Q) With piracy being so high how much has it affected country music?

Doreen Taylor (A) Piracy has affected ALL kinds of music and it really hasn’t hit any one genre harder than any other. This is a touchy subject for me. Although I am an advocate that music should be available to anyone, anywhere, any time, musicians make their living by making music. Especially independent artists by choice who really end up putting a lot of their own money, time, sweat and tears into their music- for people to go and “steal” their music is really wrong. It is no different than going to a store and shoplifting a pair of shoes, dress, etc. You are taking money that is needed for musicians to eat, live and survive to create more music. I can honestly be proud to say that I have NEVER EVER even once pirated a song and I really urge those that do, to think about it the next time they want to do it. Pay for the download!! The $0.99 is not going to kill you and you are helping so many people by doing it.

Justis James (Q) What’s your idea of a perfect album?

Doreen Taylor (A) There is not one set formula to define what a “perfect” album and everyone’s definition of what is “perfect” will always differ from person to person. To me, making a “perfect” album (although I truly do not believe there can be one) is all about having songs that are inspiring, reach out and touch people and make them experience emotions, thoughts and feelings they have never had before. It’s all about collaborating with amazingly talented people who are as passionate about music as I am and being able to put a stamp on the music industry by doing something that has not been done before. Music is about creativity and true, unedited expression of thoughts and ideas. That is what is truly perfect to me.

Justis James (Q) Where are you performing next?

Doreen Taylor (A) We recently announced my national 2013 “Magic” tour and we are kicking it off in the city that gave me my start in this business (and where I went to grad school…Temple University), Philadelphia at the World Cafe Live on May 23, 2013. I teamed up with sports legend Ron Jaworski and all the net proceeds will be donated to his charity “Jaws Youth Playbook”. We have a wonderful opening act, the Laura Cheadle Family Band, who has not just made a huge impact on the Philadelphia music scene, but also internationally. It is going to be a spectacular evening of great music all benefiting a great cause. I can’t think of something more wonderful. People can buy tickets (while they last) at http://doreentaylorlive.brownpapertickets.com

Thanks for doing Q&A with me Doreen! Keep doing your thing, you deserve all of the success you get. And tell Laura and her father I said, whats’s uuuuup?