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Paul Peart is a DJ/ Fashion Store Owner/Business Owner in Oslo, Norway.


BACK2THEFRESH (Q) What´s going on Paul? How long have you been in Norway?

Paul Peart (A) I´m fine Justis. I´ve been in Norway since 1976. I actually came from Jamaica to Sweden in 1972. Then from Sweden to Norway.

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) Tell me more about your store Provida? When did you start it?

Paul Peart (A) Provida is Oslo´s “Best Fashion Store”, and we supply everyday wear to business outfits to fashion show clothing.  And I opened Provida in 2008 on the west side of Oslo. After a while the west sides fashion district began to decline so I moved my store to the east side of Oslo. My store specializes in Italian, French and other designer clothing. Some of the brands consist of (Cremeux, Adrian Hammond, Antony Morato, Cotton Park, Base London, Mondo, Brunsame, Kaporal, Lavand, Yuka Paris, Miss Me, Muka, Lola Speleta, Mila Schon Concept, Coveri Collection, The Sak, Ana Lublin, and Zlixx Of Scandinavia)

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) What influenced you to come up with the name Provida?

Paul Peart (A) It´s actually Provida Massima which means “The Best For All”. So if you want the best, come to Provida.

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) How long have you been involved in the fashion world?

Paul Peart (A) I´ve been involved in the fashion world for as long as I´ve been a professional DJ. And that´s been since 1982.

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) Does your clientele consist of mostly men or women? And what age group are they?

Paul Peart (A) Our clientele consist of men and women equally 25+

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) Do you sponsor anyone? If so who?

Paul Peart (A) Yes I sponsor the 1st contender of Ms Universe, Ms Norway.


BACK2THEFRESH (Q) How do you separate yourself from the competition in Oslo?

Paul Peart (A) I separate myself from competition by keeping my fashion fresh and relevant. You have to remain energetic and stylish.

BACK2THEFRESH(Q) What´s the future of Provida?

Paul Peart (A) Well, I would love it to be a  “Franchise”. I would love to open a branch store in California (Orange County) New York City, Philadelphia and Miami. I would also love to have my own fashion line.

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) Where is Provida located and do you have a website?

Paul Peart (A) Provida is located at Grunnerløkka Meyers Gate 19 Phone Number: +47 21 39 24 49. You can check out our website at provida.oslo.no (Under Construction). You can also check out on facebook at Facebook

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) If you could work with any 4 fashion designers, who would they be?

Paul Peart (A) The top 4 designers I would love to work with are Nasty Gal, Donatella Versace, Custo Barcelona, and Russel Simmons.

BACK2THEFRESH (Q)  Where have you DJ´d and where would someone go in order to see you spin?

Paul Peart (A) I´ve been DJíng professionally since 1982. Some of the places I DJ at right now are Bar Vulkan, Bar Bygdø Alle, Bar Tjuvholmen, and Lawo. I can be followed on twitter @DeejPaulP and my website is djpaulpeart.com. And I spin Deep Tech Funky Soulful Latino House.

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) As a DJ, do you think we should go back to vinyl as opposed to digital?

Paul Peart (A) Yes because if you eliminate digital and take it back to vinyl, people will make more money. That includes, Artist, DJ´s, and Record Companies. That would definitely level the plying field. Right now in the digital age, people illegally download music causing the record business to lose tons of money. Plus only a few artist actually are making alot of money in this digital age.

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) Do you think that the sound quality of music was declined because of it´s evolution from vinyl to digital?

Paul Peart (A) Yes because there is no sound like vinyl. Vinyl will never go out of style and it´s more natural.

Thank you for doing Q&A with me Paul. It has certainly been a pleasure and I hope you continue to thrive successfully in the fashion world.