BACK2THEFRESH (AP) This summer was my 1st time in Oslo, Norway. I got the chance to meet some cool people. I met a cool guy by the name of Rana who’s  a Pakistani from  Norway. He’s a future lawyer who should be in England right now working on his masters. But he invited me to the Pakistani Festival this summer. I took my ex fiance and we had a ball.

The food was excellent and that includes Pakistani mango’s. In fact they’re the best mangos I’ve ever tasted. I even got the chance to meet two Americans from Washington State who came all of  the way to Norway on vacation. The couple ended up sitting right next my ex fiance and I. It’s pretty amazing because I had a dream about the same exact woman the night before, and I’ve never met her. So when she came out to the Pakistani Festival and sat right across from my fiance and I, I was freaked out a little.

But S/O to my Pakistani supporters in Norway. Jokers (Corner Store) is my favorite store.