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You probably see me joggin, duckin’ the flute of pan,
Peter Piper Peter Pan stay fly and Never Land,
2 Peters, 2 Pans 2 King Arthur’s,
I set up shop in a office, you know what I do to markets,
Disagree, I’ll phone Wall Street and bring in back up,
Inner City Blues I’ll make you pick the sax up,
Back. Up, for I sit you on the floor like @SpikeLee Spike,
I’m Inside Man times 10 tryna do right,

Put down your mic…

No. They’d rather put down the new Mike,
Michael Angelo, Donatello, Rafael, Leonardo, aight,
Check out my kicks tho, the foot clan,
All these shredders and splinters, look stan,
You got wood in ya hand gettin’ splinters is that a bo?
Donatello, break it in half, make it a 3 stick staff, YOooo,
Won’t you get a shredder and just cut-it-all-up,
Excalibershine British Workout I cut-it-all-up,
They not duckin so they hearin that flute,
I’m followed by the Ivy league so I’m wearin that suit,
My aunt was a professor where @iamdiddy Puff went to school at, Had D.C on smash young, they still like who dat?,
Ya’ll out here actin like that aint supreme court, Universities and royalty,
In highschool I went to gym and lunch all day, where’s your loyalty?,

I had to change my name to #Fresh at the clubs because for some reason people get confused.

Oh who has the people in Philly believing in a lie about me. Can’t trust them. Change all of that…

No no no Abracadabra, create what I say – BACK2THEFRESH is a wave, Hey.

 Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014

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