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Look at that music genre lying on Jus’,
We can take it back to Draco out in Athens, Yup,
Ya’ll soundin’ drunk at the bar,
I do the pullups on the bar,
Then conversate with a few of em who passed the bar,
I’m here to elevate the bar,
Look at those Brutuses, tryna have me lookin up like not you too, For all that happen I’ll send “Anaksunamoon.”,
They’re out here reading my story #AllSunAllMoon not knowing I’m the Author,
Knights Of The Round Table, Excalibershine Arthur,
I play Atreyu then run around and sabastian my own s***,
Its a Never Ending Story and I can make songs hit,
Keep power away from smeagles frodo in the shire,
Lord of the ring you aint never seen nothin’ flyer,
Mythology uh folklore,
Excalibershine and my tongue, hit you with both swords,
Astrology uh star wars,
I run the score board up, sit back and get my coach on,
I spin the compass and put it on seven,
Higher higher burning fire making music like a choir uh Legend.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014

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