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They tell lies to dummies about Jus’,
And those dummies believe dummies more dummies? Yup,
So we separate ourselves like you’re with what?,
BACK2THEFRESH is a wave, in god we trust,
At 21 I sat next to @realctucker watchin @kanyewest rant,
Asked @UncleRUSH about rap then got interviewed by @BBCWorld can’t wear my pants,
I get it, I got approached like @DaveChappelle did,
But didn’t run to Africa I was made to well, live,
Didn’t they back up and started actin’ like,
I didn’t already run this race backwards? Lapped it twice,

Uh huh, yeah

I see a bad dime, I might pay her mind or pay her no mind, it depends on the time, mastered mics,
light too bright I’m in my glasses like,
I been doin music like half my life,
Switch gears in the rain show you what my traction,
What ya fashion like? Matchin’ like,
Twins on a a run way, flashin lights,
Now go back and put that like after traction,
Don’t that make sense like Mike after Jackson?
I can recruit artist write songs for my whole team,
All Sun All Moon never sleep, what a long dream.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014

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