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I choose to be international because I have no choice,
But some people keep trying to make me appear smaller because they have no voice,
I talk about things I’ve experienced but they don’t understand it,
So to them it’s not real but Nasa goes to different planets?
They’ve discovered different planets that look just like earth,
Or did those other planets find earth, who saw who first?
That’s no secret that’s public information,
The public might see that if they’d stop waring with other nations,
I don’t force you to believe it, the truth is so visible,
But they chose to disbelieve it like it’s not physical,
Equality for non believers how? In what world?,
My facts are valuable like a thousand dutch pearls,
Give me a name? No. I named myself and gave it to you,
Understanding is like fans at a concert happy they’ve made it to you.

Justis James™ Did It

©Copyright 2014