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Peter Toso is the owner of New York Slice Pizzeria in Camden NJ just one block away from Rutgers University. He’s Rutgers number one pizzeria…

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) What’s going on Peter how long has Little Slice Of New York Pizzeria been in the area?

Peter Toso (A) It’s been in Camden NJ since 1992.

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) Where are you originally from?

Peter Toso (A) New York. The Bronx.

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) What’s the most popular thing people order to eat here?

Peter Toso (A) The number one sellers are cheese and pepperoni slices.

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) They’re my favorite things to eat here too. Best pizza I’ve ever had. Do you plan on expanding?

Peter Toso (A) It’s an independent shop and there is no more room for it to expand but I’ll always keep the interior updated.

BACK2THEFRESH (Q) Tell me about the businesses in this city?

Peter Toso (A) Well the entire city use to be a blue-collar town. Nowadays the businesses haven’t been doing as well as they should. Everything’s different now. Camden NJ use to have 11 movie theaters, housing the largest screen in the world.

BACK2THEFRESH Well my family has been eating at your Pizzeria since I was a kid, and like I mentioned It’s some of the best pizza I’ve ever tasted. I’ve had pizza in Sicily and in the U.S. Both of them are great but I’m accustomed to the American taste.

Good luck with your Pizzeria and more success to you.

Little Slice Of New York

Location: 122 N. 3rd Street, Camden, New Jersey 08102
Phone: (856) 964-0404

Hours: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm