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My vote the 2nd term made them e-lect Obama uh

He’ll be fine as long as he keeps out Monica

Tired of the slave talk never seen a brave heart, humans got taught slavery by who?

Whole planet computers that’s cybertron, seen this before, that’s de ja vu


Hit you with a long horn from Texas

Don’t play with the bull, that’s wall street talk, Excalibershines the LESSON

Morpheus, Neo, I bent the spoon with my bald head huh?

Prolly grow it back in a year or two, scared of who? ya’ll drednoks

Cobra Worshippers, snakes in the grass, Major Bludds, Zartans,

All that dirt, all that earth, wash feet, wash hands,

Star of David, 2 triangles, one up, one down,

All Sun All Moon from June to June, all year round through sun down,

My territory like, you-the-one-now

They-just-cachin-up-like , son wow

Expelled from 26 nations for no reason

Swedish masons a back that, let me back track it’s snow season

You a hatch back I’m a Porsche, who can run it just like a half back,

Bob Marley was half black schooled by James ask Jamaica where ya facts at?

See me clear? Where ya tacts at?

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