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At first Oprah and I started helping out lindsay, and then Chris Brown gets kicked out of rehab and goes to jail (Who gets kicked out of rehab and goes to jail? I get kicked out of 26 countries and no publicity for me. PLEASE!). And then last night I gave Kim and Kanye business advice (@kanyewest Is Buying @KimKardashian 10 Burger Kings – My Thoughts On Business Can Manifest Dreams)

Now today all of a sudden Kanye is apparenly disappointed in Kim because her alleged past business arrangement created chemistry between her and Chris. OK “I’ll buy that one for a dollar”.

First of all no artist that I know of has ever offered to buy their fiance 10 Burger Kings as a wedding gift. And 2nd, that business advice I gave Kim and Ye is priceless. So if Ye calls off the wedding I’m pretty sure someone else will benefit off of that advice. Don’t call off the wedding. It’s too late for all of that.

Keep your bags packed. Get the **** out of here.”