(After reading the Telegraph about how British Scientist have not cloned a dinosaur, Duronn “Justis” James stands up and speaks to the press.)

 I get hit by a hit and run, rolled out of the way from getting hit by another vehicle, work on music, literature, and film projects myself when people acted like I wasn’t who I am, and then get expelled from 26 countries for 5 years for no reason, you damn right I’m Republican and Pro NRA. I voted for Obama but I’d be a fool not to be Republican after all of that. All of the Universities & Colleges who use BACK2THEFRESH.COM as a source will agree.

There’s alot of people who run the streets who can’t read or write. So someone please explain that to them before they twist and mix up my words and make sure they understand them.

And make sure the story tellers have their facts straight. Because a lie gets around the world before you can even turn on your laptops.

BACK2THEFRESH.COM is international. So if you tell people who only read local news about what you’ve read on it, they may not believe you. So let them know that International is bigger than local. You have local, regional, national, and international. International being the biggest and widest.

Hold on for one second. I’ll be right back. Let me put the scope on America for a second.

But before I do that. I would like to say that The British Monarchy knows me. So If I don’t keep it international they’ll automatically think someones trying to suppress me. And they might not like that, no matter what state it is.

Now what state is acting or pretending like I’m not who I am?

And the cities in that state will be broken down from there. It’s elementary chap.

HOLD UP HOLD UP HOLD UP! I think I’ve got it.

They wouldn’t be Elementary school drop outs would they? And by the way Elementary is high-school to me.

But anyway, @NASA confirms this is what the U.S looks like now. I CAN REALLY FEEL THIS #SaveTheEarth

 No that’s not plants releasing a defense mechanism. That’s light being converted into energy called photosynthesis. Silly humans, thank you, and have a great night…