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I watch people in the music industry come around and work with people around me, but those people never work with me. What do you call that? I’ll tell you what I call it. I call it “Professionals using unprofessionals against another professional”. You want that BACK2THEFRESH huh? Someone wake these traders up.

Egos get inflated for me to shut them down.
You will crash like the stock market in ’29, uh Crown.
Depression? You should try medicine.
Selection? I don’t know tell the doc to bring their collection in. Aren’t I quite the acrobat? Double entendres.
1st Hollywood movie I had my music in was with Lorenzo Lamas. That’s 13 Dead Men, I wrote “Wanna Be My Girl” for my 1st fiance. Every song I write for one of my girls is a hit, what can I say? Hold up. Hollywood been knew him? They’re trying to get in?
I been in, how are they going to win it?
But don’t just take my word for it, go ahead and find the movie.
Fast forward it to the end and see my name in the credits, the films about jewelry (Optimistic)
But no Art Camacho directed it and it’s a great film.
Nowadays I can write a script and take it to a whole new realm. It’s Aprils fools day to you, but the beginning of the year for me So I’m replenished, “All Sun All Moon”, see?

Now let me put this on my site BACK2THEFRESH.COM to prove to people I’m a writer and author also.

P.S I hope these two movie scripts I have weren’t 1 of the reasons I got expelled from Norway for 5 years. That’s 20 Million + …

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