Slowly but shortly Excalibershine will drop it’s standards?
B*******, ask my Chileans on camera.
Stop the slander, I’m 2 legit 2 quit MC Hammer
I hit the nail on the head all the time like, bammer.
In Europe I chill with Chileans in studios and the clubs.
They love to sing “My Norwegian Summer” all love.
If I’m lying you can have my passport.
I said it before all we do is pass torch.
I got my passport from Philly I think expedited.
Fall back I got the golden touch like King Midas.
No baby mammas so they’re having dreams by us.
I don’t know all that hate seems bias.
BACK2THEFRESH.COM spreads the news like Sinatra, meet me at the opera, get off my chakras.

Justis James™ Did It
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