The next nobody who decides they want a name for the fame should probably respect positions.
This music game this film game is a runaway train, only 2 lanes stay on your track or expect collision.
Now these nobodies are afraid of people who sure as hell respects me.
So if you disrespect me to look cool in front of them #4GetAboutIt don’t text me.
And the people who respects me should never ask nobodies questions about me.
Cause all that does is causes confusion, so fuck’m All Sun All moon, Clout Me.
They get outta pocket, to provoke me, and then call the cops. I suppose they learned techniques like that from their mom and their pops.
Knock Knock, who’s there? It’s Me Justis James.
Your kids are past 20 and they are still playing with my name.
I just wanted to let you know that they have very poor manners.
I have to use slang with them because they don’t understand my grammer.
Is your husband home? I mean the man of the house?
If he is, could you tell him I need to speak with him, by the way, I love your blouse.
But if he isn’t that’s cool I’ll leave you my number.
Contact me anytime, I’ll be around all through the summer.

©Copyright 2014