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The moon is almost full and I can already feel its presence. Its been 3 weeks since I received a letter from The Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York, stating that I’ve been expelled from Norway for 5 years and 25 other countries. That’s a total of 26 countries, meaning the entire Schengen Area. I’m sitting here on the campus of Rutgers University in Camden NJ thinking about whether it was all worth it? To travel across an entire ocean for love only to be betrayed is something new and old to me. I’ve been betrayed before, but I’ve never traveled an entire ocean for love. If I would have known she was a wolf, I would have been more cautious. And if she would have known I was a vampire, she would have been more cautious. My ability to control her viciousness romanticized our relationship. And love was set on fire to the point that it en-flamed the core of society. And her dominant nature exposed the fact that the Norwegians are the original Vikings ruled by wolves…


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