Don’t I smell good? I get my oils from the Sikhs
They say All Madden, then I’m puttin’ on my cleats
All I need is one beat
Aint my flow live? Hot like the sun heat?
You do it in a week ya weak
I do it in a day no sleep
Nose bleeds or floor seats
So high ya sittin’ on ya ass where courts be
(So they don’t misinterpret let me break that down.)

Those are pro basket ball spectator seats
Had to do that fore the next hater speaks
You made a speech? I was in the studio and heard about it
I made history and the hood was the last to learn about it
They watch TV and immulate what they see on HBO
I did photage for MTV and BET they hate me tho
I put a small movie studio up and let other markets see it – Cross pollination music and film you tryna be it
Fire who? Entire crews a say I sired you
Bias fools, Tie ya shoes, a secret societys been givin me silent news
For the esquire You’re breakin quiet rules?
Thats fire, so I move like my squires do
That’s bar after bar after bar after bar
I aint talkin liquor, objection, I know who you are
That’s bar after bar after bar after bar
I aint talkin liquor, objection, fore you get barred
They made me recreate a new spice trade route
Act new on me I’ll get ancient until the price played out
They say you aint married til the rice layed out
And you aint build a house til the pipes layed out
Too many cars , might take the right lane out
Under construction I bet they bring the dice game out
I seen those jabs thrown before the fight came out
Dancin on’m 30 days straight then bring the chain out
I never get comfortable in positions cause I got better shit to do
Somethin outta nothin my ninja is just a ritual
I spit diagrams the young boys follow it –
Thats a scholarship get money and dont power trip
They be tryna trap me, I be on the internet
All these liars out here, they better send a check

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014