Justis James

All these Dracs All these Wolves
Draconian Law says we put Harry Potter in School
Underworld Evolution Full Moon May 14th
I’ll switch formations and I may throw a screen
You got my BACK2THEFRESH image tryna run with it
Excalibershine say we’ll never be done wit it
My Vampire Diary is all in front of you
You can’t even read it right, aint I wonderful?
No matter your position if you trespass uninvited
Try to sit at the Round Table, then here comes the Knighted
Feeling comfortable? You want something to drink?
I just picked up some beef carpaccio what do you think?
That’s raw meat, thinly sliced like a blade
Not your taste? Then you better be afraid
I mean after all you did trespass uninvited
Believing your own lies, got every one excited
Here’s a thought, pull that sword out of that stone
And I’ll write you a script that’ll make you look like Oliver Stone
Whats wrong you can’t pull her? She’s in too tight?
Should I loosen her up for you some and you try again tomorrow night?
Here’s the difference, you make lies up and stutter when it’s hot
I write provocative thrillers any given time on the spot
{Whispers} Listen very closely, forget what you saw, forget what you heard
Or it’ll be a Bitter Sweet symphony, The Verve
I flush out loyalty by letting fakes bite the bate
It never fails, the masses gossip, then I got you like, wait
You still don’t want to eat what’s on that plate?
OK, I’m feeling kind of hungry now, say your grace
All Sun All Moon, stakes, crucifixes won’t work
Welcome to the 21st Century, Earth