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Ya’ll dudes out here thinking I want ya’ll girls. I don’t want ya’ll girls. Are you crazy? You can have those. My line up fresh. I had to go to Europe to get my last girl, are you crazy? PassportFresh. I get quiet and mind my business and they hate more. Put that quality on you. Out of your league. My chicks got so much Michael kors and Louis Vuitton you wouldn’t know what to do. Don’t offend me. Ya’ll out here teaming up with jealous people and acting like ya’ll don’t know me. DO I look like a sitting duck to you? If I say it online I’ll say it off line, don’t be stupid. I get it. You see me by myself so I appear vulnerable don’t I. I wear something fly, ya’ll move in. I put on my workout gear ya’ll back up. Where did you learn that from? You’re looking like sacrificial lambs. No more jogging in the streets for me. I need to find a new wooded area, back 2 trail running. I don’t trust ya’ll anymore. Who’s your lawyer? I know mines personally? You don’t have any come see me about one or don’t see me at all. One more thing. I hear about another nothing talking disrespectfully about my deceased mother. Make sure you kiss yours ever night.


Ok. No more whiskey for that guy.