Public Service Announcement: I originally started posting my lyrics and literary work on my site BACK2THEFRESH.COM because I had to prove who I was after my hit and run accident. I had to show proof that I was really in the entertainment business. Under no circumstances should anyone read any of my literature and actually act the characters out in real life. I am an entertainer that includes (Music, Film, and Literature) I’m not to be held responsible for any of the youth who reads my material for their own personal amusement. 

I currently don’t have management or an agent so I’m doing it all myself. (Self Representation). 

What I have posted is sort a re introduction to bring back familiarity to old and new fans alike.

Here are the release dates for all of my projects this year:

STARZ Saturday August 9th 2014
“All Sun All Moon” Tuesday July 1st 2014
“The Time I Met Mrs Clause” Tuesday July 15th 2014 



 Don’t frame me.