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About two weeks ago I visited my old high school Woodrow Wilson in Camden NJ. I had the opportunity of speaking with a few of my former teachers and my old football coach Steve Murray. I even saw one of my old class mates who is now a security guard there. It felt great actually going back to a place where people acted as if they knew who I was [Post hit and run accident]. But upon visiting, I caught wind of a behavioral program called “Camelot” and I felt a little uneasy about a behavioral school program called Camelot because a legendary name like that should not be used in vain.

But another thing that has been on my mind lately are four names. Those four names are Jamaal Green, Rashad Baker, Dajuan Wagner, and of course myself Duronn Justis James.

Jamaal Green born in Camden NJ, attended Woodrow Wilson High school in Camden NJ and was drafted into the NFL in 2003 to the Philadelphia Eagles after playing for the Miami Hurricanes. Not too long after that he suddenly left the NFL in order to become a United States border patrol agent in EL Paso Texas. He was a monster on defense in high school just like I was. Rashaad Baker and I were his under class-men but we all played varsity.

Rashaad Baker born in Camden NJ, attended Woodrow Wilson High school in Camden NJ and was drafted to the NFL in 2004 to the Buffalo Bills after playing for Tennessee. He played for a total of 4 NFL teams. In high school he was one of the best running backs I’ve ever saw. Before he came I played running back and switched over to defense because he moved into that running back position. And in college he initially played wide receiver and then switched over to free safety.

Dajuan Wagner born in Camden NJ, attended Camden High School in Camden NJ. He’s considered by many to be New Jersey best high school basketball player ever. I remember he scored 100 points in one game. He was forced into the NBA after playing one year of college basketball at the University Of Memphis. In 2002 he was drafted into the NBA to the Cleveland Cavaliers. They compared him to Allen Iverson. Injuries and health problems interfered with his career.

And last but not least me, Duronn Justis James. Born in Philadelphia Pa, attended Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden NJ. I played High School football with Jamaal Green and Rashaad Baker and even made the news papers but I didn’t play professional ball. I chose another route. I chose The Music Industry & Hollywood, created a new music genre called “Hip Pop” and received international press unsigned. I write all music genres and have the best flow of all time. I’ve had 3 fiances, and ducked 24 hits and I’m 100% legit. I’m not involved in any crime whatsoever. It’s just that I’m good at it. I’m even directly tied to the British Monarchy but still in the United States, I’m currently doing it all myself.

I mean, is it the school system the 4 of us attended in high-school? Or is it the lack of community support that could have pushed us further to heights unimaginable? My advice to any high-school sports player, musician, or actress/ actor coming out of the Camden NJ school system is, “Keep your eyes on the prize”.