If you don’t directly interfere to help me out so that we can help each other out.
Mind your business or you’ll see what we’re about.
That’s legitimately speaking exercising that 1st & 2nd amendment right that Cody Wilson changed.
You know the guy who designed weapons out of 3D printing remember his name?
I’m mean for Christ sakes even @Forbes talked about it.
That’s the first time I heard about it, shit.
I mean I don’t know about you but (at first) I’d divide up a city.
Like British Americas here and everyone else is there, since they want to interfere with the pretty.
Now let degrees interpret that to diplomas and G.E.D’s.
My mentalities C.E.O he he heee.
No pun intended but I don’t read the courier post.
I told you I’m global, local isn’t close.
It hurts to shrink my thoughts don’t put me through the pain. Meditation not medication, don’t force me, it’s inhumane.
I mean after all, my songs are business plans.
Complete with contingencys and an exit strategy, understand?
Maybe if I memorize a few things from a book and write what I memorized on a test in front of a professor.
As opposed to being creative and applying what I learned I wouldn’t always be under pressure.
But 2nd thought If I pass that test in front of that professor I can get a degree.
And wind up screwing up someones life because I’m not really qualified to be.
Holy shit!, is that better than being a (whispers) holy war baby?
I ran down on you so many times unchallenged, soooo lets say, you owe me 4 babe.
Will Smiths making a movie, where Caine and Abel are Vampires.
He was born in Pennsylvania like I was, please call me sire.
I mean living for hundreds of years was common, check the Book Of Genesis. Is it rocket science?
Is it too far fetched? it was typed, no need for penmanship.
That’s 66 books inside of 2 testaments.
And you can’t figure that out yet? Who’s your president?

Duronn “Justis” James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014