Last Friday night May 9th I posted this after being stopped for Jay Walking In Camden NJ.

I was just walking to the store and two police vehicles from the 1990′s abruptly pulled up on me down a one way street (2nd and State) and stopped me for J WALKING across the street from Coopers Poynt Elementary School. J WALKING? But one of the officers asked me my name and my social security number and address. He was a caucasian male between 6’2 – 6’4. His partner was about 5’8 – 5’9. But the officer asked me to empty my pockets and asked me not to walk in the street. I emptied my pockets and after about 3 minutes later I put everything back into my pockets except for my SICILIAN BLADE about 3 inches that I got from Sicily in August of 2013. It has sentimental value. I’m asking that officer to return it back to me at the address he has for me. Thank You.

Duronn “Justis” James


After making this post I went out into the streets in search of the Police Vehicle that confiscated my Sicilian Pocket Knife by accident. I ran down the vehicle and found him after running 11 blocks. We went back to the street I was originally stopped on for J WALKING. He told me that he had left it on top of the car by accident but helped me search for it anyway. A 2nd Police SUV vehicle (2004 – 2010)  showed up containing a police woman. She was attractive, about 5’6 – 5’8 wearing a pony tail. She asked whether I was moving away from the officer who was helping me search for the knife, but I assured her that we were just searching for something. But the search did not avail. I lost my pocket knife. If anyone else finds a small Sicilian Pocket Knife return it to Justis please.  Thank You.

Upon being stopped the officer said, “Your heart is beating fast and you’re breathing hard”. I said in response, “Of course its beating fast, I just got done drinking coffee and you shocked me by pulling me over that way without warning down a one way street”. I didn’t have any Identification on me at the time but the way we spoke to each other displayed complete understanding. But for now on I carry my passport at all times to make it known that I’m a citizen of the world (Global Citizen). If I’m walking in certain neighborhoods I don’t speak to anyone for now on …

Here is the original post: A Camden NJ Policeman Has My Sicilian Pocket Knife

Now watch this officer pull this guy over for Jay walking after. It’s not racial at all. No race cards should be thrown whatsoever. This officer looked at that guy funny because the guy said that he just said hi to another guy they were watching but he didn’t say hi to him, that’s what ticked him off at first. He feels as though communities don’t respect police officers because of certain behavior. After all their duty is to protect and serve. And when he said, “All you do is ******* weaken the country”, he wasn’t talking about his ethnicity. He was talking about New Jersey.