They’re using my girls to turn on me and everybody see’s it.
3 fiancees? Please believe it, read it.
After my 1st one, a virgin for 1 year.
After the 2nd a virgin for 2 years, after the 3rd I’m back here.
Now I’ve been a virgin a half year.
So they’re using my girls and family against me, its so clear.

Now history knows it, and knows I have no fear.
You want to be Cesar, I use to get a Cesar in the barber chair.
Now I’m growing my hair out straight for 3 years.
I can jog 10 miles through the woods on a trail.
I’m a trail blazer running through your mind, well?
They turn on everything, trust you how?
I’d rather train 2 dogs, that’s loyalty, wow.

Duronn “Justis” James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014