Last night I had a vision that someone told a lie on me and tried to reinforce it by manipulating and distorting the unchangeable truth. I think he was a football player or something like that. But anyway he actually stood in front of Prince Harry and I and denied the truth. I walked towards Prince Harry in his seat, leaned over and whispered in both of his ears. His right hand grabbed mines and gave me a semi hug while pulling a knife out and put it to my throat. He smiled, I turned around pulled out a gun, shot the guy who lied and sat in the seat next to him.

That was the second vision I’ve had this week.

I had another one the other day where I was in a flooded basement. I had found a door in that basement that lead to another room on a lower level. There were paintings on a wall that weren’t so optimistic. And the floor ended about three feet in front of the wall, so there was another level I can imagine below that. I didn’t like the pictures on the wall so I never went any closer to look down.

It’s been a few months since I’ve had visions like that.
I can understand them now.