The inexperienced wants me to sacrifice my position.
Because they can’t control their jealousy, not knowing the business. I’m a new tradition, don’t burn Rome.
It’s a new world so let the young learn poem.
We get it, you don’t understand society and never did.
So you fear that my generation produced better kids.
Our mistake, we were under thee impression each generation moves farther than the one before.
I guess you forgot how to memorize with all of these iphones and online stores.
Remember when they thought the world was flat and Columbus said, “what?”
Here’s a thought, keep your 20th century ideas to yourself if it doesn’t build us up.
Other than that, you’re looking like hostile invaders.
I can upgrade the spice trade and always change the language of my neighbors.
Up, there he goes again exceeding expectation.
What? You don’t know me like that, never expect basic.
#Excalibershine is a “Mystery School”.
Prolly see me with my shades on lookin’ kinda cooooool.

Duronn “Justis” James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014