I ducked 25 for no reason, I inherited
What? I don’t even have baby carriage yet
Plus, my passport says my bags stay packed,
International, all that jazz way back

You can play the sax, I made it back, 2 the fresh
Blue Sued shoes like Elvis, who the best?
Spindle grill lexus all quiet movin’ through ya jecs
I might take the mp3 and move it to cassette

What you know about dat tho?
They playin with the money so we at it like, move slow,
Or give the record business a little piece of Asia
If they aint buyin the music they stealin major

(Whispers) The music business fine, the record biz in trouble
I been known to make somethin outta nothin and make it double
You hustlin’ how? Rubbin shoulders with who?
My ninja my multi billion dollar mindstates true

I put ya’ll onto Marcus Licinius Crassus trillons
Don’t talk dat **** to me I need half a million
Mass appeal a put me past dat and back where I was
Don’t talk about rain if you scared of floods

We put the hood on smash, the burbs in a leg lock
high society’s been down with a leg drop
I might suplex what I want from the top buckle
My ninja, 1 million, 2 million is a couple

Ya’ll follow us and try to use our own **** on us
We see what ya’ll about why you try to **** on us?
We look at ya’ll like are you blind or stupid?
Aint no love for that, you’ll never see cupid

Keep your excuses, I’m not amused with, the music you call music, I need a few bad muses with tattoos and black shoes, true ****

Duronn “Justis” James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014