“I think Len Bias would have been better than Michael Jordan if he wouldn’t have died 2 days after he got drafted” #Sports

I aint Len Bias I’ll whistle for them Pakis
Better know what time it is, ***** I been flashy
I talk dat s*** I back it with the you know
How you like my fashion, Boss, Hugo
Ya’ll team up against the wrong ninjas, stupid
If you love my songs you’ll love my acoustics
Got hit by a car, 2 flips, a couple bruises
Couldn’t remember s*** after that, ya’ll knew s***
Oh you don’t know me? You got amnesia too?
Sit at the table, lets play cards, what it do?
You got 2 pair? How about this royal flush
You can’t fold now, and I called ya bluff
I really perform ask the European Underworld
I meant the E.U, I might need a summer girl
I never did Summer Jam I never did Power House
They threw it and I broke it in Europe, bring them flowers out

That’s 16 bars, a whole verse. I can write 20 albums before I think about taking a 2 year break. But that’s 200+ verses @Nas still duckin’ …

Duronn “Justis” James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014